Welcome to FCF Continuous Learning

It is quite an honor for me to have the opportunity to write the inaugural post for a company that is dedicated to continuous learning in the IT world. And, why is that, you might ask? Well, there are three main reasons.


Firstly, the very concept of continuous learning represents not only a promise of a better future, but a commitment to a better present, by a renewed statement of the importance of values, like open-mindedness, selflessness and goodwill, which are values that I firmly believe in.


Secondly, the underlying principle of continuous learning is the implicit recognition that one must “know that he or she doesn’t know” in order to be able to continue to learn. This principle is what the Ancient Philosophers deemed to be the required condition to be a “lover of knowledge”, a notion that I firmly adhere to.


Thirdly, continuous learning, the sharing of knowledge, and education in general, is what is at the very foundation of our societies. To ignore that which can be known is to destroy everything that makes us human. To learn more is to make our world a better place for everyone, which is a cause that I’ve always fought for in the past.


Indeed, the IT world is more and more complex, and requires IT specialists to find ways to acquire and share their knowledge, not only with fellow specialists in their respective fields of expertise, but with fellow IT experts from all technological backgrounds.

To put it simply, our world is more and more interconnected, IT specialists should be too.