PHP 8 Intensive

PHP 8 was officially released 26 November 2020. This intensive 4 day training does a deep dive into the great new features introduced in PHP 8 that will, in some cases, allow you to develop with 33% fewer lines of code. We also show you how to take advantage of new performance features that make your code faster and more accurate. In addition, we spend a significant amount of time showing you how to avoid traps that might make your current applications break when you migrate to PHP 8.


Why Should I Take This Class?

The PHP 8 Intensive training quickly gets you up to speed on new features introduced in PHP 8. In addition, the course covers little-known features actually introduced with PHP 7.4 that are carried over into PHP 8. The course was authored by our well-respected instructors who, combined, have over 60+ years experience with PHP. Our instructors are not only professional trainers, but also professional PHP developers as well. PHP Continuous Learning is unique in that we provide you with a forum allowing you to interact with other attendees, to post lab assignments and to ask questions of the instructor ... even after the course has completed. A further advantage of learning with us is that you will be able to perform lab assignments on a custom cloud container running the release version of PHP 8. As an added bonus, all who sign up and take this training will receive a free LfPHP Cloud Services account that's valid for a year!

What Will This Class Do For Me?

The outbreak of the worldwide pandemic is wreaking havoc on the world economy. Small businesses are at risk of going under, flooding the labor market with developers. Without this training, you run the risk of falling behind your colleagues or competitors. It's important to stay ahead of the pack so that you can continue to earn a decent living. This course will help you keep your competitive edge via a thorough study of the new release through a combination of lecture and labs.

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