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Since the advent of the worldwide pandemic, small businesses are feeling the crunch. National and local governments around the world implement lockdown measures as various waves hit their populations. Many small businesses rely upon person-to-person contact in order to do business. As the lockdown and social distancing measures come into play, customer facing businesses suffer. Accordingly, more and more businesses are turning to the Internet in order to survive. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals who are looking for an Internet-based career.

Beware of Video Farms

One route towards an online career is to subscribe to a website offering tons of training videos. The thinking is that if you sit through enough of these, you'll somehow, magically by osmosis, absorb enough information to jump start your new career. The advantage to this approach is that monthly subscription costs tend to be low. Another advantage is that you can, for the most part, watch videos in any order, on demand, at the time and date of your choice.

There are many pitfalls associated with this form of training, however. One major problem is that there's no way to ask questions. Asking questions is one of the main ways people learn new concepts. Take, for example, how a child learns. The small child will come up with a deluge of questions, to the point where many parents throw their hands up in despair! Also, the answer to one question often leads the child to formulate another question, and another, and another ... until they finally grasp the concept.

Another problem with video farms is that course quality varies considerably. Each course is presented by different instructors, many of whom, although masters of their subject, are hardly qualified to teach. Another problem is that in order to provide quantity, video farms will list trainings that are out-of-date, or feature versions of software now obsolete.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, video farms have no way to do labs. And, even if they do offer a lab, the setup is often extremely complicated, requiring almost a Master's Degree in computer science. Further, there's no way to have a qualified developer check your work and give you feedback on this or that technique.

Why Train With Us?

Here at PHP Continuous Learning we offer a diverse blend of courses that will launch your career as a web developer in short period of time. We don't claim to turn you into a web developer in a day, or a week, or even a month: such claims are extremely deceptive. What we do offer, however is training presented by instructors who are professional web developers, as well as experienced teachers. Also, beginning courses are broken down into units we call mini-courses, each of which is only 30 minutes, scheduled four times a day, giving you maximum flexibility. Over and above this distinction, you quickly see the benefits of our unique three pronged approach to training.

Learning Hub
PHP Continuous Learning has developed a unique custom Learning Hub based upon the widely acclaimed Moodle online educational platform. We've integrated our Learning Hub with the other two parts to our system, providing you with a means of asking questions, even after the class finishes. Using our Learning Hub you can post lab assignments for evaluation by our instructors, and can even post messages and exchange information with other attendees, essentially letting you become part of a community of developers. This is a great way to build contacts in the industry: often the colleague of today becomes the boss of tomorrow.

Course Builder
Our custom Course Builder tool allows our instructors to not only create new courses quickly, but also allows course updates to occur in real time, which means that all courses are up to date. Not only that, but once you've attended one of our courses, the course materials are available to you to view and review at any time, with no time limit.

LfPHP Cloud
Each student receives a free LfPHP Cloud account. The more courses you sign up for, the longer the free account lasts ... all the way up to one year. This unique platform not only provides a place on which you can do your labs, but it can later be used to create your own personal website!

Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure how to proceed, we've got a great career guide on our sister site phptraining.netthat helps you to navigate our course offerings.

Career Guide

Why Not Become a Reseller?

If you immediate objective is to make money, why not consider becoming an LfPHP Cloud Services reseller? Everyone needs a website these days ... even if it's just to have something to put on a business card. As an entry level LfPHP Cloud Services Reseller you can either choose the voucher plan or, if you want to make even more money, opt into either of our Bronze, Silver or Gold Reseller plans.

Voucher Plan
Our voucher plan provides the most flexibility for the least initial investment. The way the plan works is quite simple: you purchase one or more vouchers, and then turn around and resell it to friends, family and other potential customers. You can resell the voucher for any price you choose, or just sell it at the price listed on our website. The profit you make is the difference between the discounted price of the voucher, and the price at which you resell it. This is also a great way to go if you already have a moderate amount of expertise designing web pages, because you can then make double the money by charging for setting up the web site plus whatever profit you make from reselling our hosting plan(s).

Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans
The way to make the most money as an LfPHP Cloud Services Reseller is to opt into one of our reseller plans. This level of reseller involves a modest initial commitment, after which you will get your own custom reseller portal. Any customers who sign up for a hosting plan via your portal automatically makes you money! All you need to do is to either take out ads that attract people to your customer reseller portal, or sign customers up directly using your own portal to make the sale.

Become a Reseller

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