PHP Advanced Topics

Since PHP has been available, a number of technologies have evolved around its use. We've designed a highly-focused training series we call JumpStarts that will get you quickly up to speed on a number of hand-picked PHP technologies.



The Doctrine ORM (object relational mapping) library is one of the most widely used in the PHP community. With over 81 million installations (and counting!), Doctrine ORM bridges the gap between modern object oriented programming classes and legacy relational database systems. After attending this intensive 2 hour training, you learn about Doctrine ORM, important terminology and concepts, and how to put it to use in order to jumpstart development of projects with complex database needs.


Drupal is one of the most flexible and popular PHP Content Management Systems (CMS). A CMS is different from a framework in that it features and administrative back-end, allowing companies to manage their own websites without any programming expertise. However, in many cases, the CMS lacks one or more desired features. Most CMS address this by providing extended features via additional software known alternatively as extensions, plugins, or, in the case of Drupal, modules. The purpose of this 4 hour intensive training is to not only give developers an overview of the Drupal module system, but to show them how to develop their own custom modules.


Laminas, formerly known as Zend Framework, unlike a CMS, is designed strictly for low-level website building. It provides a series of PHP libraries, known as components, that can be use to rapidly develop a custom website with a minimal amount of PHP programming. The component libraries include OOP classes that provide database connectivity, SQL abstraction, HTML form generation, filtering, validation, and much more. Using a framework such as Laminas to build a website is highly desirable in that, unlike a CMS, the amount of back-end overhead is minimal. Also, using a well-tested framework such as Laminas means that the developer is using components that have been field-tested and are production ready. This 4 hour intensive training gives you an A to Z look at everything you need to know to develop website based upon Laminas, complete with form validation and database connectivity.

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