Certified MongoDB PHP Developer

MongoDB is a revolutionary technology that's taken the database world by storm. The courses in this path teach you the basics of MongoDB as well as how to develop a MongoDB database driven PHP based website.


Why Should I Learn MongoDB?

MongoDB is a database designed to handle massive amounts of data at high speed. Most developers choose the comfortable route and opt to learn and use traditional RDBMS (relational database management systems). Examples of this technology include MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server among others. The problem working with legacy RDBMS, however, is that you often find yourself trying to fit a three-dimensional object into a storage system designed with two-dimensions in mind: rows and columns.

MongoDB, on the other hand, is designed around a document, which can exactly match your OOP (object oriented programming) data classes. Over and above its flexible data structure, MongoDB is a rising star in the database world, and is being used by more and more companies to handle ever increasing data loads. Accordingly, it would be wise to get up to speed on this NoSQL technology as it's already making inroads into the market share of the traditional RDBMS offerings.

What Can This Certification Do For Me?

According to a recent w3techs server-side programming languages survey, for the past 10 years, PHP is used on over 70% of all web servers. For the past year, PHP usage level has actually increased to over 78%. Since 2013, according to DB-Engines Ranking, MongoDB has risen from 7th to 5th place in the rankings of the top 10 databases.

Currently there is no certification available to document the fact that you're a PHP developer who's qualified to handle MongoDB. In today's cut throat economy, even developers need an extra edge that sets one apart from the crowd. Becoming a Certified MongoDB PHP Developer shows the prospective bosses or customers that you have achieved expertise not only in MongoDB, but in your ability to develop PHP applications driven by a MongoDB database.

How to Get the Certification

You can become a Certified MongoDB PHP Developer by attending at least 3 of the mini-courses in this certification path, and by passing our online certification exam. Obviously we encourage you to attend all of the mini-courses in order to gain a well-rounded education on all aspects of MongoDB + PHP development, however we recognize there are a number of developers who already have the required expertise, and are already in a position to pass.

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