Just taking courses, even if you have a firm grasp of the materials, is often not enough in today's tight economy. Accordingly, many starting and experienced developers seek certification. Please bear in mind that certification alone is no substitute for provable experience and good references. However, when you're just starting out, certification is a great way to make yourself stand out from the pack.


PHP 8 Certified Cloud Technician

This certification program is designed for beginning level developers interested in learning how to launch websites in a cloud environment. The program consists of a series of bundles, each focused on a different primary topic area. Within each bundle are a number of mini-courses, each lasting 30 minutes in length, followed by a lab assignment, scheduled four times daily. The lab assignments can be done on your free LfPHP Cloud Services account. Questions can be posted to the certification program forum, and code samples can be uploaded for review by the course instructor.

For more information on the bundles and mini-courses, please visit our sister website here: phptraining.net/courses/cloudtechnician.

MongoDB Specialist

Currently the "big players" are Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL, all based upon old technology developed in the 1970s (!). There is a "new kid" on the block, however: MongoDB, a fast-rising star in the database world. MongoDB has no fixed schema, does not use SQL (Structured Query Language), and does not suffer from the overhead inherent in the older systems. PHP Continuous Learning is in an excellent position to offer this certification as one of our trainers has literally written the book on MongoDB development. Gaining this certification will definitely make you stand out in a crowd of PHP developers as it's unique on the industry. Given that, for roughly the past 5 years, MongoDB has been ranked number 5 in the database Top 10, and is steadily gaining market share, now is a good time to get certified while this excellent niche market exists.

For more information on the MongoDB Specialist program, please visit our sister website: phptraining.net.

MySQL Specialist

MySQL, originally developed in Sweden, is now part of Oracle, and is perhaps the world's most widely used database. Although perhaps not as sexy a technology as MongoDB, it's extremely important to have a good solid working knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) in order to ensure a successful career in web development. The MySQL Specialist program is designed to not only give you a solid background in SQL, but also teaches you everything needed to build a dynamic PHP 8 website based on the extremely popular MySQL relational database management system. The MySQL Specialist program is unique in that you learn both how to conduct commands directly in SQL as well as how to execute the same command using PHP.

For more information on the MySQL Specialist program, please visit our sister website: phptraining.net.

Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure how to proceed, we've got a great career guide on our sister site phptraining.net that helps you to navigate our course offerings.

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