Why Learning is Important

For the past decade, my career has centered around educating developers. I’ve considered it my personal mission to help raise up the next generation of developers. That’s one of the reasons I’m excited about working with Foreach Code Factory on the Continuous Learning project.

Staying current in technology is hard

To stay current, developers have to continue to learn, constantly, they have to learn continuously. Developers who do not learn will soon be left behind. I don’t think anyone has talked about this better than my friend Olivia Liddell on the episode “No BS Engineering” episode “Learning to Learn

Finding trusted training sources is hard

As I travel around and talk to developers, I rarely run into a developer who disagrees with this. They understand that since the tech we use changes fast, we have to change and adapt fast as well. Some have the time and the passion to search out, vette, and consume the tutorials, blog posts, videos, and all the great learning resources available on the web. The problem they run into is a matter of reputation and trust.

If you know the author of the content and they have a good reputation, then this part is easy. If however, you don’t know the author, then you have to decide if the content is trustworthy. While the internet is full of great learning resources for developers, we all know that there is a lot of bad advice out there as well. (Also, advice that was good 5 years ago but is now bad advice)

Stop wasting time with bad content

Foreach Code Factory:Continuous Learning will change how you spend your “learning time”. Stop wasting time chasing down current, valid, and trusted training materials, FCF:Continuous Learning has you covered. Each of our trainers already has a reputation for crafting quality training materials. We pride ourselves on our reputation and are diligent in building out new¬† training opportunities for developers.

We want to earn your trust. We want to be your trusted training partner. Join us for one of our free mini courses and judge for yourself. I know you’ll like what you see.