About Us

The principal founder of PHP Continuous Learning is Andrew Caya, a man with a vision of a better way to train. He was joined shortly by Doug Bierer, who is not only an active PHP developer, but has also been conducting PHP training since 2009. Andrew and Doug are joined by easily a dozen outside contractors, all active PHP developers with extensive training experience. Each instructor has their own area of expertise, and are well-recognized in the field. PHP Continuous Learning offers attendees a unique training experience, founded on these four principles:

  • Live Instructors
  • Learning Community
  • Up-to-Date Materials
  • Labs Done in the Cloud


Foundational Principles

Live Instructor

All PHP Continuous Learning courses are taught by a live, highly-qualified instructor. Unlike other learning providers, you are not faced with a video farm of out-of-date courses. Just think how quickly you will be able to get up-to-speed having an experienced hand guiding you through potentially difficult topics! Also, all of our instructors are not only excellent communicators, but are also experienced developers.

Learning Community

Having taught extensively at the University Level, Andrew quickly recognized that much of what we learn comes from our peers. Accordingly, PHP Continuous Learning provides you with a learning community based upon the widely acclaimed Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). This invaluable tool allows you to not only ask questions of the instructor, but to post lab assignments and to communicate with fellow students.

Labs Done in the Cloud

PHP Continuous Learning offers attendees something truly unique: a cloud environment in which you can do you labs. Don't own a computer? Own a computer that's old and perhaps outdated? No problem! All students are assigned free account on our unique LfPHP Cloud Services, which means you can run the labs in a self contained environment, completely online.

Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure how to proceed, we've got a great career guide on our sister site phptraining.net that helps you to navigate our course offerings.

Career Guide