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Learning does not stop when you graduate from school, be it a basic diploma or a higher level degree. At PHP Continous Learning we provide you with a wide range of courses that suit your needs and your learning level. We offer courses for those just starting a web development career, all the way up to those who need training in specialized advanced web development technologies. Effective learning involves training. Effective career development involves learning. Choose your path and jumpstart your career today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your courses offer any certification?

Every course in the PHP Continuous Learning catalog offers a certificate of completiton. You will also discover that two course pathways offer a certification. For more information check out the details on the Certified PHP Cloud Technician program, or the Certified MongoDB PHP Developer program.

Why should I take your courses?

Here are some things to think about when selecting a learning provider: Are all courses led by a live instructor, or is it just a video farm? Does the provider give you everything needed to complete the labs? Is there a way to communicate with the instructor once the course has completed? Here at PHP Continuous Learning we can proudly answer Yes to all of the above!

What if I want to ask questions after class?

All attendees gain access to our Learning Hub. This system is based up the well-acclaimed Moodle education framework, and gives attendees a forum on which they can exchange information between themselves, send messages to the instructor, and post lab assignments.

How soon can I start developing websites?

You can start developing websites right away after taking courses from the first bundle, Starting from Scratch.

Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure how to proceed, we've got a great career guide on our sister site that helps you to navigate our course offerings.

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